Potteries Of Rye Society November Meeting & AGM

The next meeting of the Potteries of Rye Society will be held in Rye on Saturday 13 November 2004 at the Stormont Studio in Ockmans Lane. The meeting will include the Annual General Meeting but this will be only a brief part of the programme for the day which is: Continue reading Potteries Of Rye Society November Meeting & AGM

A Potted History of the Rye Potteries.

                          No. 1. The David Sharp Pottery

David Sharp started work as an apprentice with Rye Pottery just after the War. He worked with Raymond Everett and Dennis Townsend, all who later branched out on their own. Continue reading A Potted History of the Rye Potteries.

1832 Reform Map of Rye to be Auctioned Locally


The map of Rye above is but the central section of of a steel engraving from Samuel Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary reflecting the boundary changes introduced on the enactment of the Reform Bill of June 7th. 1832. Continue reading 1832 Reform Map of Rye to be Auctioned Locally

Original Dragon of Rye

We are told that the history of ‘Bonfire’ in Rye goes back BEFORE the time of Guy Fawkes. Legend has it that the burning boat ceremony was first held in the town shortly after the men of Rye and Winchelsea raided the French town at St. Peter’s Port and retrieved the church bells that had been stolen in the French raid of the previous year. In the course of their revengeful rape and pillage they also pulled French boats out of the water and paraded them blazing through the streets. This event is still remembered in the traditional dragging of a burning boat in the Guy Fawkes procession. Continue reading Original Dragon of Rye

The Ron Dellar Way

To The Editor – “Rye’s Own” – September 2002

I had intended to write in rage about the practice of Rother District Council of harvesting taxes raised in Rye in order to spend them largely for the benefit of residents in Bexhill. Assuming of course that those residents do benefit from lavish expenditure on the De La Warr Pavilion or from failed Pop Festivals amongst other things. Continue reading The Ron Dellar Way