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Have you tried the RYE’S OWN Facebook page? Packed with nostalgia, stories and pictures of Rye Past & Present – The best Bonfire stories and pictures, Rye’s Wartime History, visits from famous people.  Continue reading Have you tried the RYE’S OWN Facebook page?

Rye Bonfire Timetable

Get to Rye Early to be Sure of a Parking Space

16:30 – Parking restrictions apply to processional route.

18:30 – Vehicular access restrictions apply.

18:30 – Processional Route to be clear of all vehicles

19:50 – Loud maroon signals the start of the procession from Mason Road, Tilling Green Estate

Rye Fawkes is a FREE Family Night Out. Please help fill the collecting boxes - ALL money collected goes to local good causes
Rye Fawkes is a FREE Family Night Out. Please help fill the collecting boxes – ALL money collected goes to local good causes

The route is as follows – Ferry Road to the Crown Inn, turn left into Cinque Ports Street, Tower Street, through Landgate Arch, Hilders Cliff (East Cliff) in to High Street, The Mint, turn right into Wish Ward, Cinque Ports Street, Tower Street, left down Landgate, right into Bedford Place and on to the Bonfire site.

20:30 – The Chairing down of Rye Fawkes 2016 HRH Prince Rostislav R. Romanov III

20:45 – The Bonfire Lit by Rye Fawkes 2016

21:00 – Grand Fireworks Display


Jimper - As we all remember him
Jimper – As we all remember him

As a fitting finale to this year’s display, Rye Bonfire will belaunching ashes of two of its well loved members, John Izod and Jimper Sutton, in the last rocket!  John and Jimper both sadly passed away this year, but listen carefully on the night for the sound of a couple of chuckles..

John Izod at a Bonfire Boys Auction of Promises
John Izod at a Bonfire Boys Auction of Promises


The Last Rocket
Look Out forThe Last Rocket – Farewell Old Friends

The Bonfire Boys Song

We are the Bonfire Boys

We are the Bonfire Boys

We know our Manners

We collect the Tanners

We are Respected wherever we go

When we march along Cinque Ports Street

Doors and windows open wide

We’re the Boys that make most noise

We’re the Boys that built the Guy

We are the Bonfire Boys.

(Sung to the tune of Sussex by the Sea)

Pictures from Previous Bonfires

“Rye’s Own Bulletin” Friday 11 November 2016

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Jimper’s Jottings November 2014

November 2014

Nearly every week there is an article in the local paper about the parking of traffic in no parking areas in Rye. The problem has got worse since the Traffic Warden was removed. Why the people in control of the town do not employ another, beats me. The cost, they say, does not add up to a profit. Well it would if Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings November 2014

Rye 1947

Have Health & Regulations Gone Too Far?

By Jim Hollands

The remarkable picture, of Gasson’s War ravaged building at the western end of Cinque Ports Street, was taken just after World War Two. Closer inspection reveals a wartime National Fire Service notice pointing the way to Rye Fire Station. Continue reading Rye 1947

Bonfire Extravaganza

They came in their thousands to town for one of the best Rye Fawkes Celebrations ever. Flaming torches lit the streets and a burning boat, the emblem of the Rye Bonfire Society, was dragged around the town as has happened for years immemorial. Continue reading Bonfire Extravaganza

Rye Fire & Rescue 2005

Rye Fire & Rescue


Rye Fire & Rescue vehicle, with lights flashing and siren blasting answers yet another call.

Rye firefighters have always had the reputation of being one of the best units in Sussex and Kent despite the fact that they are all part timers doing other jobs and only make a dash for the fire station when their bleepers sound. Continue reading Rye Fire & Rescue 2005

Bonfire Over the Years

What were those Bonfire Nights in Rye of more than fifty years ago really like? So many stories are passed down by those senior citizens who were there. They tell Continue reading Bonfire Over the Years

Farewell Spike

“I don’t mind dying as long as I am not around when it happens.”

The words above were one of Spike Milligan’s ‘off the cuff ‘ answers. He also claimed he wanted to outlive Harry Secombe as he didn’t want him singing at his funeral. Continue reading Farewell Spike

Town Crier October 2001

Connie’s Great Cover Picture

What a great cover picture Rye artist Connie Lindqvist has provided for the October cover. Continue reading Town Crier October 2001