Have you tried the RYE’S OWN Facebook page?

All you need to know about the Ancient Town of Rye


Have you tried the RYE’S OWN Facebook page? Packed with nostalgia, stories and pictures of Rye Past & Present – The best Bonfire stories and pictures, Rye’s Wartime History, visits from famous people. 

The deeper you delve the more you will find out about the town on the hill that was an important part of England’s defences in the Middle Ages and later in the Second World War when this was to be the centre point of Hitler’s invasion plan. The Battle of Britain was fought in the skies above.

Rye’s Own Facebook Page records the exploits and stories of the characters of Rye.

It will lead you on to the film archive with dozens of old Rye films. Almost everyone who lives in Rye now will have had a mention and can be found in the FB pages or on our Website ryesown.co.uk/

The website and the Facebook pages are completely free.

All we ask is that those who use them will buy a hard copy of Rye’s Own from the local newsagent when they get a chance or even sport £20 for a years subscription and have the magazine, in electronic form, sent to their computer every month or £36 for a years supply of hard copy magazines sent anywhere in the UK of £59 for overseas. It is the readers and advertisers that make all this possible.

Rye’s Own stands up for Rye and the people of Rye. By buying Rye’s Own you are supporting Rye.

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