Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate

A History

A Book by Heather Grief, in aid of the Bohemia Walled Garden Association

Tony May wrote about the Bohemia Walled Garden Association in Hastings Town’s April issue. The Association is making good progress and Hastings Borough Council has repaired a hole in the south wall. St. Mary Star of the Sea school children are tending a plot in the walled garden, and enjoy watching the progress of Ray Grief’s sunflower plants – they are a lot taller than the ones at home because the soil is very fertile through long years of cultivation. Continue reading Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate

Pen & Ink

Letters to: The Editor “Hastings Town” Guinea Hall Lodge, Main Road, Sellindge, Nr Ashford,

Dear Editor,

I’m a regular reader of Hastings Town, am Hon. Secretary of Hastings Local History Group, and since being made redundant from Hastings College I have been indulging my long-standing interests in history and embroidery by researching the Bayeux Tapestry and all things 11th. century. Another topic of mine is Bohemia, and having been friends with Sue Thomson (Secretary of BWGA) for many years, I’ve written a short book, ‘Bohemia Farm to Summerfields Estate: A History’, as a fund-raiser for the Bohemia Walled Garden Association (£l from each copy sold goes to the BWGA). Continue reading Pen & Ink

Flashback To 1964

When The Mods Invaded Hastings

By Jim Hollands It was the year of the fashion rebellion. Topless swimsuits and dresses were being displayed in public, Carnaby Street was the centre of Universe, and two youth movements – Mods and Rockers- made up principally of young, mainly working class Britons with cash to spend, were making the headlines. Continue reading Flashback To 1964

Armed Forces Day

By Tony May

Alexandra Park was the beautiful setting for this year’s Armed Forces Day organised by Hastings & St. Leonards Veterans Association. As well as helping to raise money for St. Dunstans (a charity for blind ex-service men and women) the primary aim of the event was to celebrate the cadets 150th anniversary and remember all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in times of war. Continue reading Armed Forces Day

Jimper’s Jottings


A stroll around Rye today is completely different from the same walk fifty years ago. Today you have to look in the window or at the sign above to know what they sell. In my young days you knew where you were by the smell. Every shop had a distinctive aroma. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

The Queen’s Head


By John Hodges

The first licence to sell beer was granted to the Queens Head around 1830, at a time that was coincidental with the introduction of the new Beerhouse Act. This piece of sweeping legislation permitted any householder assessed to the poor rate, to obtain from the excise on a payment of two guineas, a licence to sell beer by retail from their dwelling house. Continue reading The Queen’s Head

Stock Car Memories

By Tony May5

I have been thinking a lot recently about days gone by and in particular of my days as a boy going to the Stock Car Racing with my Dad. Not quite sure why my memories of dust, dirt, noise, revving engines, screaming tyres and crash bang wallop keep popping back into my consciousness but, as they do, I thought I’d write about them for HT. Continue reading Stock Car Memories

It’s Carnival Time August 2010

Pictures by Kevin Hall

Fair Trade & Fine Weather Rye College brought colour and rhythm to the town on Saturday 17 July when their annual Carnival, supported by other areas of the community, burst in a blaze of colour, through the streets. Continue reading It’s Carnival Time August 2010

Rye’s Award Winning Artist

From Ukraine to UK Award Winning Artist Makes Rye Her Inspiration,

Yulia Podolska has come a long way since her childhood in the former Soviet Union. Only six months after arriving in the UK, the 25 year old sculptor has been awarded the Bronze Age (Young) Sculptor Award at the Society of Women Artists’ 149th annual Summer Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, which showcases an accomplished and eclectic mix of artwork in all media. Continue reading Rye’s Award Winning Artist