Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate

A History

A Book by Heather Grief, in aid of the Bohemia Walled Garden Association

Tony May wrote about the Bohemia Walled Garden Association in Hastings Town’s April issue. The Association is making good progress and Hastings Borough Council has repaired a hole in the south wall. St. Mary Star of the Sea school children are tending a plot in the walled garden, and enjoy watching the progress of Ray Grief’s sunflower plants – they are a lot taller than the ones at home because the soil is very fertile through long years of cultivation. Continue reading Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate

Pen & Ink

Letters to: The Editor “Hastings Town” Guinea Hall Lodge, Main Road, Sellindge, Nr Ashford,

Dear Editor,

I’m a regular reader of Hastings Town, am Hon. Secretary of Hastings Local History Group, and since being made redundant from Hastings College I have been indulging my long-standing interests in history and embroidery by researching the Bayeux Tapestry and all things 11th. century. Another topic of mine is Bohemia, and having been friends with Sue Thomson (Secretary of BWGA) for many years, I’ve written a short book, ‘Bohemia Farm to Summerfields Estate: A History’, as a fund-raiser for the Bohemia Walled Garden Association (┬úl from each copy sold goes to the BWGA). Continue reading Pen & Ink