Rye Characters of the Present Number Two – Gary Booth

Gary Booth – Builder, Cyclist, Organizer

Even though Gary Booth is no longer a member of Rye Wheelers it cannot be denied  that the amazing success that the club enjoys today is  mainly due to his efforts during the years 2,000 – 2,010.

Gary was the ‘Ideas man’ who came up with not just the schemes, but the Continue reading Rye Characters of the Present Number Two – Gary Booth

They Throw Away Hot Money at Rye


Many prominent representatives from the Cinque Ports were in Rye on May Day Bank Holiday Monday for the inauguration of the new Mayor of Rye. Continue reading They Throw Away Hot Money at Rye

Antique or just old?

By Arthur Woodgate

Writing about outside of Rye’s defence wall, it came to me that some of the property inside was not as antique as we might think. Yes there are footings all over where we can see buildings. Continue reading Antique or just old?

Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

By Arthur Woodgate

On 16 October 1917, I was taken to the Lion Street School and settled in a class taught by a Miss Jordon. Miss Longley was the Headmistress and with a long wooden corridor she could be heard coming with loud creaks all over our infant school. Continue reading Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate

A History

A Book by Heather Grief, in aid of the Bohemia Walled Garden Association

Tony May wrote about the Bohemia Walled Garden Association in Hastings Town’s April issue. The Association is making good progress and Hastings Borough Council has repaired a hole in the south wall. St. Mary Star of the Sea school children are tending a plot in the walled garden, and enjoy watching the progress of Ray Grief’s sunflower plants – they are a lot taller than the ones at home because the soil is very fertile through long years of cultivation. Continue reading Bohemia Farm To Summerfields Estate


                          Popular Wedding Venue

Its a long time since Rye’s Own carried a wedding on the front page, 1970 if memory serves us correctly. The delightful picture made by the Town Crier leading newly weds Lianne and Dean Mitchell, with baby son Ruben and two lovely bridesmaids from the Town Hall down Lion Street was a picture we could not resist. Continue reading Editorial

Town Crier

News & Gossip Pages By The  Editor

Knife Edge Election

The local elections resulted in a knife edge situation with full control of Hastings Borough Council being denied to the Conservatives by the literal tossing of a coin. Continue reading Town Crier

St.George’s Day Parade

The annual St. George’s Day Parade took place under clear blue skies on Sunday 27 April.

Michael Bourne lead a contingency of British Legion veterans and representatives from the Sea Cadets, Scouts, Brownies and Guides past the Town Hall, where The Mayor of Rye, Councillor Paul Osborne took The Salute. Continue reading St.George’s Day Parade

Old Town in Readiness Colour on The Seafront

By Hastings Trader

After a hard winter and a terrible Easter the seafront shops are at last able to look forward to some bright sunshine. Despite setbacks of weather, increasing parking charges and ever higher rents and rates, traders in the Old Town and along the seafront are doing their best to keep the area alive and vibrant. It is a tough job as the ever increasing number of empty shops creeping down the High Street testify. Continue reading Old Town in Readiness Colour on The Seafront