Rye Characters of the Present Number Two – Gary Booth

Gary Booth – Builder, Cyclist, Organizer

Even though Gary Booth is no longer a member of Rye Wheelers it cannot be denied  that the amazing success that the club enjoys today is  mainly due to his efforts during the years 2,000 – 2,010.

Gary was the ‘Ideas man’ who came up with not just the schemes, but the willingness to work and make them a success. It was Gary who set up the Evening 10 Mile time trial series that still continues to this day. It was Gary who captured the public’s imagination when he steered the club to organising an annual Fun Day to raise money for local charities. The event at the Town Hall Butter Market and in the street outside attracted much interest and one year raised a large amount towards the new ambulance needed by Rye St John.


These days he is still very much involved with local cycling. A member of the ‘Spin Wheels’ team who cycle together and run the amazing ‘Spin Wheels’ website that provides cyclists in South East England with information about everything cycling. Events, Races, Results and Photographs can all be found here thanks to Bob Burden, Aly Nye and Garry Booth – All one time members of the Rye Wheelers.

A Rye’s Own Bulletin Sunday 19 February 2017


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