When the World was Younger

This publication has always been known for its high ‘nostalgia’ content. Why do our readers enjoy these articles, pictures and memories from the past?

Perhaps it is because they are reminded of their ‘halcyon days’ or could it just be that those less complicated times were better days to live through? Continue reading When the World was Younger

Malcolm Saville

By Mick McGarry

This book might be described as the consummation of a love affair. I cannot remember when I first came to Rye, and have lost count of how many times I have returned. Now that I live in her sister ‘Ancient Towne’ Of Winchelsea it is as if I have never left this corner of Sussex where history has been fashioned, and which means so much to those who have discovered it. Continue reading Malcolm Saville

Rye Country Show 2014

The thousands that attended the Rye Show on Saturday 16 August were treated to a fantastic selection of displays throughout the day, including the hit from 2013, the Dog Grand National. This year’s Rye Show, at Lea Barn Farm, Rye Foreign, attracted an enormous crowd but there were no problems as the organisers had a plan of action which ensured quick parking on the ground an very little disruption to local traffic. Continue reading Rye Country Show 2014

Dreams Can Come True at The War & Peace Revival



As a lot of those who keep track with our ‘Facebook’ page will know, I had a whale of a time at this years ‘War & Peace Revival’. Visiting what used to be Folkestone Racecourse and seeing the old place choc full of tents, tanks, military personnel and classic cars was rather a bitter sweet experience for me. Continue reading Dreams Can Come True at The War & Peace Revival

Jimper’s Jottings September 2014


A good summer, very dry, following the wet winter. What are the odds on a dry winter this time? If this happens we could be in trouble. Water shortage and a hose-pipe ban I bet. All that water last winter and no one thought to save a few million gallons. Get it out to sea fast, that was the order of the day. Nothing wrong with that if there are provisions made to save some of it but we haven’t have we? Same old reservoirs, no new ones. How many houses have been built since last winter and the government say we need many thousands more. Has anyone Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings September 2014