Jimper’s Jottings September 2014


A good summer, very dry, following the wet winter. What are the odds on a dry winter this time? If this happens we could be in trouble. Water shortage and a hose-pipe ban I bet. All that water last winter and no one thought to save a few million gallons. Get it out to sea fast, that was the order of the day. Nothing wrong with that if there are provisions made to save some of it but we haven’t have we? Same old reservoirs, no new ones. How many houses have been built since last winter and the government say we need many thousands more. Has anyone Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings September 2014

More Problems for Rye Partnership in 2005

Partnership’s Plan Collapses

The collapse of Rye Partnership’s plan to construct a building that would house Rye Library has coincided with the call from a group of Rye residents, directly to the Government, to open an independent inquiry into the Partnership’s affairs, claiming there is a lack of ‘financial clarity’ and ‘tangible achievement’ in the town. Continue reading More Problems for Rye Partnership in 2005