Cycle Speedway Mania

The origins of cycle speedway are obscure. It existed by the 1920s but really took off in the wreckage of post-war cities in Britain. With tracks cleared through the rubble, on bikes not otherwise roadworthy, cycle speedway became a way for young people to enjoy themselves in cities, towns and villages all over Britain. Continue reading Cycle Speedway Mania

Old Time Cinque Ports Dogs


By Arthur Woodgate

Now, here is a dog I have never met, his name is “Benjy”, he belongs to a nurse in Rye hospital, and they live together in Main Street, Appledore, and her name is Kay. Somehow I got very friendly with them and we would write to each other, she was a very good artist and would draw a picture of him with his tongue hanging out to indicate licks with me. Continue reading Old Time Cinque Ports Dogs

Takes Pole Position and Wins


Emotional victory for Barlow at Oulton Park

By Adam Jones

Less than 24- hours before setting the pole position time for the tenth round of the BRDC Formula 4 Championship, Jack Barlow’s promising career had looked to be over due to a lack of cash. Continue reading Takes Pole Position and Wins

Inns Of The Cinque Ports

The Pubs of Rye no. 8.

The Cinque Ports Arms Assembly Room, Cinque Ports Street.

by David Russell.

The foundation stone for the Cinque Ports Assembly Room was laid in August 1868, and within three months it was open as an integral part of the Cinque Ports Arms. The Assembly Room, which was 50 by 25 feet [15.24m x 7.62m], extended the frontage of the pub to a total of 141 feet [43m], making it one of the largest licensed premises in Rye. Continue reading Inns Of The Cinque Ports