The Amber Review – Fitness

The 20/20 Fit Gym

It always feels good to support exciting new ventures within your local community. With a variety of classes to suit all ages and lifestyles the in Winchelsea Road is a Fitness Extravaganza

From injury recovery to fitness, 20/20 Fit, guide and motivate you to reach your goals. Health and fitness at its best, from Gym to Studio Classes, Indoor and Outdoor Fit-camps, nutrition advice and therapies, you’ll find it here; whatever age you are, or feel, they aim to offer something to suit all. Continue reading The Amber Review – Fitness

The Day I was Born

Jimper’s Early Years

The world was in darkness the night I was born, not a light was to be seen, and then, as I grew and could walk and run, the lights came on all over the Kingdom.

The war with Germany was over, the marsh was crying out for laughter and joy to return. Five years of war in the front line had left it scarred by ack-ack guns, trenches and pillboxes.

Many areas were out of bounds owing to minefields waiting to be cleared but before then the top priority were the towns to be made safe, and there was still the war with Japan to win. Continue reading The Day I was Born

Arthur’s Cinque Ports Street Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

From the new shops to the corner of Market Road where Jempson’s now have a restaurant. That building has housed many businesses in my life. Don’t know how long but not too many hundreds of years ago customers would have got their feet wet stepping out of there into Cinque Ports Street. Slip across the bottom of Market Road from Jempsons Restaurant to Phillips & Stubbs – a nice big new looking building where they sell houses. I said new looking, well to me it is new, I Continue reading Arthur’s Cinque Ports Street Part Two

The June 2012 Cover

The Years Get Shorter as One Gets Older.

A lifetime seems to get shorter as one gets older but look back over the years and time shrinks even faster. It seems like only yesterday when the children of Tilling Green celebrated the Coronation with a Fancy Dress Party in Mason Road after spending the day crowded round the very few b&w televisions that were available and watching the Crowning Ceremony. Continue reading The June 2012 Cover