Theatre & Cinema in Rye

Many of these ‘Memories’ came from Jo’ Kirkham’s “Memories” series.

We were given the first mention of a theatre by Mrs M. Allen. She
described Mr. John West’s visiting ” Rye Theatre”. This was a canvas
structure erected on Crown Field, before World War 1. it had a fresh
production every night, but soon closed for lack of funds. Continue reading Theatre & Cinema in Rye

The Home Front

by Jo’ Vincent.

Volunteers of The Rye Museum Association put on a magnificent display
of memoirs of World War Two on Saturday 9 March at the Further Education
Centre. Patrons were required to have a National Registration Identity
Card which was duly filled out with the help of an assistant dressed
in the fashion of the time, complete with her headscarf tied in “turban”
style at the door. Continue reading The Home Front

First Spit Dug for Rye Swimming Pool

Rye’s Own Swimming Pool Heroes

There will be a swimming pool in Rye and it is all thanks to a fantastic group of Rye people who make up the Swimming Pool Association, a supportive
group of Rye Councillors who have championed them and the enthusiastic support of the people of Rye. Continue reading First Spit Dug for Rye Swimming Pool

Farewell Spike

“I don’t mind dying as long as I am not around when it happens.”

The words above were one of Spike Milligan’s ‘off the cuff ‘ answers. He also claimed he wanted to outlive Harry Secombe as he didn’t want him singing at his funeral. Continue reading Farewell Spike