First Spit Dug for Rye Swimming Pool

Rye’s Own Swimming Pool Heroes

There will be a swimming pool in Rye and it is all thanks to a fantastic group of Rye people who make up the Swimming Pool Association, a supportive
group of Rye Councillors who have championed them and the enthusiastic support of the people of Rye.Fund raising events and grants, fought for ‘tooth and nail’ by the dedicated members of the Swimming Pool Association have culminated in the start of construction of the 25 metre pool.

Now that the efforts have come to fruition all and sundry are trying to claim credit for our pool. “Rye’s Own” is pleased to set the record straight. It is Rye people and Rye effort that has made the dream
a reality.

At a “breaking the ground” ceremony at the Thomas Peacock School on Wednesday 27 March Swimming Association Chairman Steve Blattman and Peter Dyce, The Mayor of Rye, dug into the ground with two new spades and started a construction job which is expected to be completed by April 2003.

Mayor Dyce commented that he was “elated that Rye is to have the much overdue facility of a swimming pool” he went on to say “On behalf of a grateful community my sincere thanks and appreciation go to the Rye & District Swimming Pool Association whose unrelenting tenacity over many years has brought this about.”

Two people who had done so much to make the dream of a swimming pool in Rye become reality, are sadly not with us any longer and did not
live to see this great day. Jean Bull, who put so much effort in as Secretary of the Swimming Pool Association, died recently, and the late Joan Yates, who did so much in the early days, were in the thoughts of many present. The Pool will be named after Joan, surely one of Rye’s best loved Councillors.

Work on the Pool starts immediately and the contractors, Mowlems, who have just completed Jempson’s fine new Superstore, are renowned
for getting their jobs completed on schedule.

“Rye’s Own” salutes all of those people who have spent so much time and energy since 1991. The new pool will stand as a permanent testament to their endeavours and eventual achievement.