Jimper When the World was Younger

These pictures of Rye’s Own’s longest standing correspondent, Jimper
Sutton, turned up the other day. They are typical of the 1960’s and
illustrate a much slower kind of life lived at that time. Continue reading Jimper When the World was Younger

Rye Fights Back

Protest Rally at Postern Gate

Critics of Rye Town Council members had better beware. That is the message coming from many Councillors. They are fed up with being ruled by Rother District, East Sussex and other bodies such as the Primary Care Trust. Continue reading Rye Fights Back

The Singing, Shouting and Dancing Town Crier

One of the Best Town Crier’s in the Land

Last month Rye Town Crier Rex Swain was featured on the cover of “Rye’s Own”. Since he became Town Crier, Rex has gained in fame and popularity. He must be the most photographed man in the town. Continue reading The Singing, Shouting and Dancing Town Crier

Dig for Victory

Badger Gate residents picked up their shovels and helped plant the
first of a row of trees outside the well known Rye Landmark. Then
they served up a lovely hot cup of tea to the members of the Rye in
Bloom Committee as a thank you for the fine trees that will grace
the sheltered housing that has provided so many retired Ryers with
a secure but independant home. Continue reading Dig for Victory

Residual Railway Land at Rye

Residual Railway Land at Rye

At the recent meeting of the Marshlink Partnership it was revealed that a sections of Railway land on both sides of the line between the Tillingham and the Ferry Road Crossing are being considered for railway or integrated transport uses. Continue reading Residual Railway Land at Rye

Town Crier April 2004

Library Plan “Unimaginative and Badly Designed”

March opened with a furore centred on the proposed new building for Rye Library. Councillor Sam Souster firing shot after shot in defence of the revised plan for the building, and telling the objecting Rye Councillors that time was running out if the grant for the site was to be obtained.

The objections of the “Friends of Rye Library” group on the grounds that the Continue reading Town Crier April 2004

Tractor With a Bang in it

Dangerous Harvesting

By Jimper

The summer was coming and we were behind with the spring corn sowing. The winter had been especially wet and the ground was not having a chance to dry out. Every three days it had a good soaking as lows drove another cold front across England. All the wheat was in, now the barley had to be got in or the cuckoo would beat us to it and cuckoo barley never did produce such a heavy Continue reading Tractor With a Bang in it