Lucky Rye – But for How Long?

Rother District Council  and East Sussex County Council Should Stop this Happening to Rye

The terrible flooding in Cumbria has brought misery to the people of many beautiful towns in the area. Storm ‘Desmond’ dropped a months worth of rain in 24 hours and has devastated the area. Continue reading Lucky Rye – But for How Long?

The Flooding Situation

From Rye’s Own April 2010

By Jim Hollands

The water has gone but the message is clear, serious flooding in Rye is not a probability any more, it’s almost a certainty. Continue reading The Flooding Situation

Rye Grows Its Green Credentials

Rye and District Chamber of Commerce launched a re-usable jute bag, specifically for Rye, on Tuesday 22 April. The event took place at Hayden’s Coffee Shop and Restaurant in the High Street. Continue reading Rye Grows Its Green Credentials

The Floding Debate

Environment Will Ease The Way For Planning

“Rye’s Own” has learned that the Environment Agency is prepared to lift objections they had regarding flood worries over the building of 135 dwellings to the north of Udimore Road if suitable conditions can be imposed on any planning permission granted in relation to the site. Continue reading The Floding Debate

Jimper’s Jottings

40 years ago you could find Mark Wright and myself fly fishing for wild brown trout in the Tillingham as far up stream as Beckley. The little trout with his shiny brown back all covered in red and yellow spots, his tummy a pure white the most handsome inhabitant of this fast sparkling clear running water as it raced to swell the lower reaches below Tibbs Farm. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Ready Made Marina

By Jim Hollands

“Why dig a Marina when there is a ready made site on the Camber Road?” Bob Vincent put the question to me the other day. The old pontoon, where beach was dug out in vast quantities, lies between the Golf Course and the Camber Fields. “It would be easy to dig a channel to the Rother and put a lock gate in”. I pondered his suggestion. He should know a bit about water, after all he has been a plumber all his life. Continue reading Ready Made Marina

Environment Agency Remove Two Dead Sheep From The Tillingham

Many locals and visitors were distressed by the sight of two dead ewes floating in the Tillingham near the Windmill. Continue reading Environment Agency Remove Two Dead Sheep From The Tillingham

The Changing Strand

By Arthur Woodgate

It was astonishing that anyone should suggest that gas was not made in Rye, but only stored. IT gave me the thought, however, that the strand in Rye had changed during the 20th Century and was worth recording. Continue reading The Changing Strand