Ready Made Marina

By Jim Hollands

“Why dig a Marina when there is a ready made site on the Camber Road?” Bob Vincent put the question to me the other day. The old pontoon, where beach was dug out in vast quantities, lies between the Golf Course and the Camber Fields. “It would be easy to dig a channel to the Rother and put a lock gate in”. I pondered his suggestion. He should know a bit about water, after all he has been a plumber all his life.

The trouble is, where would you put the houses? The expanse of water is used regularly for water sports like wind surfing., the kind of enterprise that has not interfered too much with the wildlife or done anything towards spoiling the fantastic view of Rye.

Anyone looking at the photograph above must surely agree this is one of the finest approach views to the town. A marina here would not be out of keeping but a hundred houses certainly could effect a change that would make this another ‘lost view of Rye’.

Similarly, the construction of houses on the south side of the river at Rock Channel would change the view of and from the town. Any change is bound to upset some people but sometimes change is for the better.

The presentation by Millwood Homes at their recent public exhibition of plans was very convinc-  ing but several questions were not answered to the satisfaction of many who went along to the Riverhaven.

The Flood Threat to Tilling Green and other low levels in the town was answered with emergency pumps – but where will the water be pumped to if the tide is in? A minimum of eight foot of water in the Strand at all times will cause the time gap between the tides for water to run out of the Tillingham at the sluice to be cut substantially.

The Mud Threat. Where will all the contaminated silt be taken to when removed from the Strand and who will foot the bill?

Dredging Who will be responsible for the regular dredging of the Strand which will silt up much quicker without a regular twice a day ‘tidal rush’? and who will be responsible for dredging the River Tillingham which will also silt up at an alarming rate without the rapid draining it gets when the sluice is pulled up? Millwood’s answer was the Environment Agency. Do they agree to undertake these tasks?

The Harbour Road Junction. It seems that the road changes at the junction are going to include traffic lights. In view of the jams and gridlock caused when the new water main was installed in Winchelsea Road, how could this be a benefit to Rye?

The other main factor was the cost. How could a multi million pound project such as digging a basin and creating a marina be paid for out of the profit from one hundred houses?

“Rye’s Own” November 2004

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