Rye Harbour Cycle Path Update

By Brian Mathews


Recently I received a telephone call from James Harries, the officer from East Sussex County Council who has oversight of the cycle path development in this area. Continue reading Rye Harbour Cycle Path Update

The Bus that Went to the Cinema

Rye Electric Palace Gets an Unwanted Visitor

The bus that went to the cinema, or almost, as can be seen from the picture (the Electric Palace in the Landgate is the building just beyond the bus with the coloured electric light bulbs in the shape of an arch) was an East Kent converted charabanc on the Camber Rye Harbour service. Continue reading The Bus that Went to the Cinema

Rye Fire & Rescue 2005

Rye Fire & Rescue


Rye Fire & Rescue vehicle, with lights flashing and siren blasting answers yet another call.

Rye firefighters have always had the reputation of being one of the best units in Sussex and Kent despite the fact that they are all part timers doing other jobs and only make a dash for the fire station when their bleepers sound. Continue reading Rye Fire & Rescue 2005

More Problems for Rye Partnership in 2005

Partnership’s Plan Collapses

The collapse of Rye Partnership’s plan to construct a building that would house Rye Library has coincided with the call from a group of Rye residents, directly to the Government, to open an independent inquiry into the Partnership’s affairs, claiming there is a lack of ‘financial clarity’ and ‘tangible achievement’ in the town. Continue reading More Problems for Rye Partnership in 2005

Music from the Tudor Court at Guldeford

East Guldeford Church echoed to the sounds of old English music recently when the ‘Queen’s Consort’ group of musicians under Leader Shirley Carey, performed an evening of music that was likely to have been heard during the reigns of Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth 1. Continue reading Music from the Tudor Court at Guldeford

Jimper’s Jottings

September, another year nearly gone; I always notice the years by the first of this month as duck shooting starts today, that is followed next month by the pheasants yet it seems only yesterday that the little ducklings were catching gnats on the surface of the water while mother duck fussed around trying to keep them together. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Town Crier

News And Gossip Pages

By Jim Hollands

Great Job Rye Harbour Boat Owners Association put on a grand show to commemorate the 200th. Anniversary of Horatio Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar.

The Strand was awash with red white and blue flags that decorated every boat moored. The weather was kind, the crowds were happy and everything came together to make it a family day out.

Lets have something like this every year, Rye is an historic port and needs to keep a close contact with its past if it is to prosper in the future. Perhaps the event could incorporate a regatta with all sorts of boat races on the river as happened throughout the latter part of the 19th Century up to Edwardian times. An event that embraces those that live in the town. It may be that the event could ‘spill’ over onto terra firma and include athletic, even cycle races again. There seem to be many more folk about with the will and ability to organise than there have been for many years.

      Connie Lindqvist Retrospective

Peter Etherden has asked Heidi Foster to take on the daunting task of putting together an exhibition that captures the enormous range of Connie’s work as an artist in Rye between 1972 and 2002. Continue reading Town Crier

Important Art Works At Rye Auction Galleries

The Hughes’ oil on canvas in original frame measures 30″ x 35″ approx. and is in good condition. This work was painted by Hughes at the request of Alice Boyd of Penkill Castle, Scotland while Hughes was resident at Penkill. Hughes styled this work of Scott (at the age of 21) from a much earlier painting by Bell Scott’s brother David.

Continue reading Important Art Works At Rye Auction Galleries