Trouble at The Sluice

Work has been going on to repair The Sluice Gates at Winchelsea Road. It seems that the Environmental Agency have been finding it difficult to get the spares required.They have implemented a temporary system and have a pump standing by to use in an emergency. It is a good job that the heavy rains some local towns suffered, when two months rainfall materialised in one day, did not fall in the Tillingham Valley.

The Sluice guards Tilling Green and allows flood water to make its way out to sea as the tide goes down.

The pump available would not, in the opinion of many locals who have spent their lives watching the activity of the water here, be big enough to move the many tons of water that come down the Tillingham on a fairly regular basis. Could we have reassurance from the Agency please?

“Rye’s Own” September 2015

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