The Bishop Dawes Window

The Bishop Dawes window in St. Mary’s Church is a memorial to a son of Rye who became the first Bishop of Rockhampton. Nathanial Dawes was the son of Edwin Dawes and brother of Walter Dawes, who were both Rye Town Clerks. His Nephew Edwin Dawes followed his father and brother in the post. Continue reading The Bishop Dawes Window

Rye’s Royal Visitors

There have been comparatively few royal visitors to Rye when the importance of the town in the middle ages is taken into account. Continue reading Rye’s Royal Visitors

After The War Was Over


The end of World War Two resulted in a much changed Rye. The troops were slowly drifting home and the great spirit of unity that had encompassed all society in this country continued on. Great class barriers had been bridged and women, who had all played their part in the tumultuous conflict, had gained a near equality in the new order of things. Continue reading After The War Was Over

The Sprocket Column

Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers – Past and Present

                                 The A.G.M.

The Annual General Meeting of the Rye & District Wheelers took place at the Riverhaven Hotel on Thursday 12 February. The majority of the club’s members attended and elected officials for the coming year. Chairman Jim Hollands, Secretary Gemma Glover, Treasurer Granville Bantick, Racing Secretay Gary Booth and Club Captain Roy Fritchley.

The Chairman reported that the club had lost a valuable member in Harry Walker, who died recently. He had held the post of treasurer since the club was re-activated in 2000.

Richard Mwangi, who was a member during his six months stay in Rye has written to thank the members for the £750 raised in a 24 hour indoor cycle marathon. This had paid for his first two terms of further education and with help from friends at St. Mary’s Church he has negotiated his first year.

The members thought it might be a good idea to repeat the money raising event, with some modifications, and help Rye St. John Ambulance towards getting their new vehicle. Various ideas were discussed and eventually it was decided that a 12 hour 3-up relay on rollers, continuous live music and a 1000 balloon race would be a fun way of raising a good sum of money. Various sites will be investigated with a provisional date for the Whitsun Bank Holliday Saturday.

The Racing Secretary told of great events to come and took orders for more Rye Wheeler Racing Vests. There are up to eight racing members for the 2004 season, so team victories could be possible.

The Sunday and Tuesday runs from the Riverhaven at 9am. and 1pm. respectively are attracting more riders and prospective new members are invited to turn up for these, or phone Jim Holllands on 222420 or Gary Booth on 222701 for further details.

2003 was a good year all round for the Wheelers and with many Runs, Races and Social Events planned,2004 should even better.

From “Rye’s Own” March 2004

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Faces From The Past

Photographed at the 1962 Radio Fair are the late Clive Wall and R.G.D Representative Aubrey Phillips. The motor is a Bentley that was later won by a customer of J. E. Hollands and Sons Television shop in Cinque Ports Street. Continue reading Faces From The Past

The 1930’s in Rye

By Daydreamer

A time of hand me down clothing, thick woollen socks darned at the toes and heels, jumpers darned at the elbows, patches in the seat of the trousers and boots with metal studs to make them last longer. (Wonder why we were so happy in those days) Best clothes were for Sunday wear only. Continue reading The 1930’s in Rye

Here They Are The Ryetoffs


Roger Huckstep e-mailed these great photograph and details of the 1960’s Rye pop band “The Ryetoffs” he wrote:-

“Following the recent article in Rye’s Own publication, please find attached attached photos of above group circa 1964. Continue reading Here They Are The Ryetoffs

The Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta

By Granville Bantick

In my last article I described my experiences of being part of a sponsored bike ride in Vietnam raising money for Mencap. Following the departure of my cycling friends I stayed on at the Viet Dong Hotel in Saigon, having arranged a three day tour of the Mekong Delta. Continue reading The Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta