The One and Only Rex

A Ryer Through and Through

Rye Town Crier, Rex Swain, recently celebrated his Eightieth Birthday. His boundless energy in carrying out up to 100 functions a year in his distinctive Town Crier ‘uniform’ has not diminished one iota since he was 18 and Continue reading The One and Only Rex

The 1930’s in Rye

By Daydreamer

A time of hand me down clothing, thick woollen socks darned at the toes and heels, jumpers darned at the elbows, patches in the seat of the trousers and boots with metal studs to make them last longer. (Wonder why we were so happy in those days) Best clothes were for Sunday wear only. Continue reading The 1930’s in Rye

Harry ‘Crusty’ Crampton

A Larger Than Life Rye Character

There are some people who appear larger than life, we call them characters. Harry ‘Crusty’ Crampton, fisherman of Rye, must rate high on the list of the town’s unforgettable characters. Harry’s real name was Henry Continue reading Harry ‘Crusty’ Crampton