Rye Fawkes In Our Time

Sixty years ago in 1945 the Second World War had just reached it’s terrible conclusion with the discovery of the death camps in Europe and the dropping of two atom bombs on Japan. Continue reading Rye Fawkes In Our Time

A Rye Childhood

 By Noel C. A. Care

This personal account of life and times in the town of Rye, East Sussex, is written some seventy five years later, from memories which are still as bright now as the day they occurred. Continue reading A Rye Childhood

Rye Wheelers 2005 and Earlier

The “Sprocket” Page

Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

May has been another great month for the Rye & District Wheelers. There were no less than ten Rye riders entered for the first Tenterden “10”, this despite losing ever present Kevin Hall to an ankle operation that will put him out of action for several races. Barry Goodsell produced the fastest ride of the evening, beating Continue reading Rye Wheelers 2005 and Earlier

Granville In The Grand Canyon


I completed the 260 mile 5 day Grand Canyon Bike Ride on the 17th September. It was far tougher than I had ever imagined, and in fact tougher than my previous challenges in India, China and Vietnam. It was made so I believe due to the extreme conditions for cycling. Continue reading Granville In The Grand Canyon

Jimper’s Jottings

40 years ago you could find Mark Wright and myself fly fishing for wild brown trout in the Tillingham as far up stream as Beckley. The little trout with his shiny brown back all covered in red and yellow spots, his tummy a pure white the most handsome inhabitant of this fast sparkling clear running water as it raced to swell the lower reaches below Tibbs Farm. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Cycling the Rye Harbour Tramway

by Peter Etherden

Despite the assurances in the October 2005 issue of Rye’s Own that all was well in this best of all possible (Bexhill and Lewes administered) worlds, permit me to express my continued scepticism that a cycle path will be constructed between Rye and Rye Harbour by the end of March 2006 or indeed in any foreseeable future. Continue reading Cycling the Rye Harbour Tramway

Rex & Rita Celebrate 50 Years

Rye’s popular Town Crier, Rex Swain and his lovely wife Rita, celebrated 50 years of happy marriage at the Mermaid on Saturday 1 October. Surrounded by family and friends they recalled their Wedding Day in 1955 and of dancing to Eric Winston’s Band on their honeymoon. Continue reading Rex & Rita Celebrate 50 Years

Michael Ashdown Back in Wheeler’s Colours

This year saw the return of Mike Ashdown to the Club where he started his illustrious cycling career, and where he achieved his finest victories.In the early sixties Mike could take on any sprinter in the country, on grass or hard track, and beat them. Continue reading Michael Ashdown Back in Wheeler’s Colours