What’s in a Name

By Arthur Woodgate

At 6.30 am. off we went along Wish Street where we met up with a friend of my mother, a Mrs Milton. We then met up with mother’s sister, Aunt Martha (I wonder why they called me Arthur!) and a crowd of Ryers. At the bottom of Leasam Hill – we all went up the grassed hill – how they got me up there, I don’t Continue reading What’s in a Name

Victoria’s Medal

Rye Celebration Medals

By Frank Palmer.

The issue of official medals for Royal celebrations such as Coronations
and Jubilees, were much more generous in the past and were pleasing
moments for the recipients who, in many cases, had been involved in
the event. Continue reading Victoria’s Medal

A Rye Childhood

 By Noel C. A. Care

This personal account of life and times in the town of Rye, East Sussex, is written some seventy five years later, from memories which are still as bright now as the day they occurred. Continue reading A Rye Childhood