What’s in a Name

By Arthur Woodgate

At 6.30 am. off we went along Wish Street where we met up with a friend of my mother, a Mrs Milton. We then met up with mother’s sister, Aunt Martha (I wonder why they called me Arthur!) and a crowd of Ryers. At the bottom of Leasam Hill – we all went up the grassed hill – how they got me up there, I don’t Continue reading What’s in a Name

The Sheriff of Cinque Ports Street

A Man with Immense Respect

Dan Bevan is the nearest thing to a Sheriff that Rye has ever had. For the past four years he has been patrolling the town getting on top of vandalism, petty offences and often being involved with more serious crimes.

Since those bad old days of 2001 and 2002, by which time Rye’s quota of police had slipped from 49 in 1966 to just six (none of whom were able to undertake Continue reading The Sheriff of Cinque Ports Street

Rye FM


Andrew Bantock MIBS – Station Manager designate Andy runs Station Z Media Production Services in Rye which is a company that designs and installs radio studios and also does audio production.

Andy started his career in radio with the BBC in 1980 as a Technical Operator and since then has freelanced as an engineer and producer. Continue reading Rye FM

The Long Journey

By Michael Whiteman

As a young fellow from 1936 onward I was working as an under-gardener at Leasam House, Playden, Near Rye. I really enjoyed this work and each Friday morning I used to harness up the black pony onto a buggy trap, going into Rye High Street, to a greengrocers with any surplus vegetables, tomatoes and lettuce that was going at the time and come autumn 1938 the Government stated that all men who were twenty years old would be compelled to either the T.A. for weekend training or join the forces the following spring for six months training plus two weeks further training yearly. This I decided to do myself. If war was going to happen, I would be in it anyway. We would be known as Millitia Boys. Continue reading The Long Journey

Local Powers


A Far seeing Article written in March 2006.

By Peter Etherton.

Most people in Rye take only a passing interest in the Rye Town Council. The mayor of this once powerful body gets his picture in the local paper most weeks but never for anything political. At one recent election there were thirteen candidates and twelve got in making me wonder what provisions were made for the thirteenth. He was clearly a good and honourable man who had much to offer the town. I would have co-opted him for something. Continue reading Local Powers

Bonfire in Rye

By Jimper

The late sixties and early seventies heralded the end of a period of great success in the history of Rye Bonfire Society. Bonfire in Rye nearly died as the older members came to their end and the young ones that had taken part in the late fifties and early sixties had much more to interest themselves with. Continue reading Bonfire in Rye

Local Author Makes Childrens Debut


Rye author, Sue Mackay, makes hew debut as a writer of children’s novels this month, with the publication of her first book for under-tens, the intriguingly titled Dustumust, published on 26th February by The Book Guild, Lewes, East Sussex. Continue reading Local Author Makes Childrens Debut

East Guldeford Church Ryesingers Carol Concert / Service

Ryesingers have been performing in the Carol Service at East Guldeford Church on the Sunday before Christmas for over thirty years. Many local people come to fill this lovely building to overflowing for the occasion. Continue reading East Guldeford Church Ryesingers Carol Concert / Service

Fatal Car Crash

The first recorded motor accident fatality occurred in Rye on 25 March 1905.

These remarkable photographs by local photographer Mr. Whiteman, and the accompanying report and drawing from a Rye newspaper tell the whole story in vivid detail. Continue reading Fatal Car Crash