Rye Pounds Anyone?

By Barry Floyd

Lewes, the county town of East Sussex, is carrying out a most interesting experiment; promoting its own currency for use in local shops around the community. At a time when the pound is falling in value in global financial markets it is encouraging to note such an enterprising venture and one hopes the Lewes initiative succeeds. The current vogue for localism lies at the heart of the move. It is designed to support and promote local businesses and could bring real benefits to Lewes traders and producers. Continue reading Rye Pounds Anyone?

The Jane Ann of Rye in Arundel 1898

By Ron Dellar

Almost two years now out of Rye – two years trying to get used to living here in West Sussex (it is different to East Sussex!) but two years in the course of which I have, on various occasions, been seen lurking round corners in Rye and two years in which time I have made a start in building a new life far away from the plots, plans and devious scheming that were so much part of my life in dear old Rye!

(If anybody would like to know more about my days in Rye and the good and maybe not so good things I got up to, I would be delighted to tell it all, the way it was…….) Continue reading The Jane Ann of Rye in Arundel 1898

Local Author Makes Childrens Debut


Rye author, Sue Mackay, makes hew debut as a writer of children’s novels this month, with the publication of her first book for under-tens, the intriguingly titled Dustumust, published on 26th February by The Book Guild, Lewes, East Sussex. Continue reading Local Author Makes Childrens Debut

Jimper Gets Political

They are at it again. I’m talking about the leaflet from Rother announcing their plans for Rye. How two faced can they get? They claim they want Rye to prosper but offer no ideas or initiatives as how this can be achieved. Continue reading Jimper Gets Political