Mark Zuckerberg is Giving me $500,000 Compensation!

It Started with a Friend Request

Had a Friend Request today from John Glen Henderson – Said ok as he looked oldish and respectable. ¬†On his Facebook page it said he came from Menlo and I have been there it’s in Silicon Valley California.

Then he messaged me :- you doing today???

Mark Zuckenberg 001


Menlo, one of the few places in America I have stayed, Mountain ?. Nice to meet you John. Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg is Giving me $500,000 Compensation!

Rye Pounds Anyone?

By Barry Floyd

Lewes, the county town of East Sussex, is carrying out a most interesting experiment; promoting its own currency for use in local shops around the community. At a time when the pound is falling in value in global financial markets it is encouraging to note such an enterprising venture and one hopes the Lewes initiative succeeds. The current vogue for localism lies at the heart of the move. It is designed to support and promote local businesses and could bring real benefits to Lewes traders and producers. Continue reading Rye Pounds Anyone?

Town Crier

News and Gossip Pages

By Jim Hollands

Sitting In With G.R.I.P.P.

G.R.I.P.P (Give Rye it’s Proper Policing) invited me to sit in on their meeting at the beginning of the month.

Their reaction to the new initiative by the police to crack down on the local vandals was treated with some contempt in view of the new Gungarden damage and graffiti attacks on the Post Office and other areas in the town that had taken place since the promises were made by District Commander Chief Inspector Brian Mathews. Continue reading Town Crier