Rye Pounds Anyone?

By Barry Floyd

Lewes, the county town of East Sussex, is carrying out a most interesting experiment; promoting its own currency for use in local shops around the community. At a time when the pound is falling in value in global financial markets it is encouraging to note such an enterprising venture and one hopes the Lewes initiative succeeds. The current vogue for localism lies at the heart of the move. It is designed to support and promote local businesses and could bring real benefits to Lewes traders and producers. Continue reading Rye Pounds Anyone?

Of Hastings Pier

By Richard Holdsworth

It was a bright and sunny morning when the esteemed Lord Granville, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, announced, “I declare this pier open for all good citizens to enjoy.” It was 5 August, 1872, and thus started 134 years of pure joy and merriment for Hastings holidaymakers until that sorrowful day in 2006 when it all came to a juddering halt. Continue reading Of Hastings Pier