London In 55 Minutes From Rye And 68 Minutes From Hastings

By Stuart Harland

Chairman MarshLink Action Group

At the end of March Network Rail announced the Hastings – London line had re-opened after major works to reinstate a large number of track failures along the line caused by the weather. Continue reading London In 55 Minutes From Rye And 68 Minutes From Hastings

Tilling Green


On January 28th TGRA arranged for the Rye Neighbourhood plan to do a presentation of the plan at the Tilling Green Community Centre. Many at the meeting asked about the dispute between Sainsbury and Tesco to build a supermarket at the former Lower School site. Continue reading Tilling Green

Are You Satisfield

— Yes, are you really happy and satisfied with the way our town of Rye is run ? Since the mid 1970s the decisions affecting our local life here have not been decided by Rye people, nor by our Town Councillors, but by Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council. Continue reading Are You Satisfield


By Tony May

As ‘The Clean Up Man’ I have now been ‘patrolling’ the streets of Hollington for well over a year and the amount of cans, bottles, crisp bags, cigarette packets, fag butts and other items I have personally picked up and ‘escorted’ to a public waste bin must now run into thousands. Continue reading Rubbish

Lion Street School Saved

Rye’s Own Has Always Fought to Keep  Community Assets for the Use of Ryers

Regular readers of “Rye’s Own” will know how this magazine has always fought for keeping community assets for the use of Ryer’s, often against great pressure and determination of elected and unelected bodies who have had ‘other plans’ for our precious land and buildings. We challenged the South Coast College “Done and Dusted” lady who wanted to sell off the Lion Street School. (which had been left for the education of the children of Rye ‘in perpetuity’ by the Meryon family 140 years ago). Continue reading Lion Street School Saved

Call For Public Meeting

At last Monday’s (24 November) meeting of the Planning and Townscape Committee at the Town Hall, Councillor Mary Smith (CDR group member) pressed for the Council to hold an urgent public meeting on the “Core Strategy Plan” for Rye. Continue reading Call For Public Meeting

Rye 1947

Have Health & Regulations Gone Too Far?

By Jim Hollands

The remarkable picture, of Gasson’s War ravaged building at the western end of Cinque Ports Street, was taken just after World War Two. Closer inspection reveals a wartime National Fire Service notice pointing the way to Rye Fire Station. Continue reading Rye 1947

The Ultimate Kick In The Teeth

   Government Inspector Rules Homes Should Be Built

                                         By The Editor

This is one story I dreaded I would have to report but as I have recorded many times in these pages over the past two years, it was a foregone conclusion. Continue reading The Ultimate Kick In The Teeth

Vintage Hypocrisy By Tories On Post Office Closures Says MP

In the House of Commons on Wednesday Hastings and Rye MP Michael Foster accused the Conservatives of “vintage hypocrisy” when they proposed a motion to end Post Office closures. Continue reading Vintage Hypocrisy By Tories On Post Office Closures Says MP