Rye 1947

Have Health & Regulations Gone Too Far?

By Jim Hollands

The remarkable picture, of Gasson’s War ravaged building at the western end of Cinque Ports Street, was taken just after World War Two. Closer inspection reveals a wartime National Fire Service notice pointing the way to Rye Fire Station. Continue reading Rye 1947

Swastika Over Rye

Swastika Over Rye

As remembered by Arthur Woodgate

War is Declared

When our then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, declared War on Germany on Sunday morning 3 September 1939, the air raid sirens started up immediately, Continue reading Swastika Over Rye

Adventures in Rye – Evacuation


To Somerset in 1940

by Winnie Hollands

It was September 1940. I was hop picking at Ashden Selmes’ Farm on the Peasmarsh Road. The Battle of Britain, raging overhead, was coming to a climax but we had no idea what the outcome would be. A German invasion seemed imminent. Continue reading Adventures in Rye – Evacuation