Fun Fair at Rye 1963

All the Fun of the Fair at Rye

The Fun Fair still comes to Rye on the Fair Salts, as it has for two hundred years or more – We can’t go back in our archives that far but take a look at this piece of film from 1963 (or thereabouts) and see if you can pick out anyone you know – If you are old enough you may even get a bigger surprise and catch a glimpse of your good self enjoying the Fun of the Fair.

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Rye 1947

Have Health & Regulations Gone Too Far?

By Jim Hollands

The remarkable picture, of Gasson’s War ravaged building at the western end of Cinque Ports Street, was taken just after World War Two. Closer inspection reveals a wartime National Fire Service notice pointing the way to Rye Fire Station. Continue reading Rye 1947