Romney Marsh Foxhounds Boxing Day Meet 1967

Boxing Day Leg Stretcher for Many Who have Eaten Too Much Over Christmas

This 1967 film was made by Rye Movie Society and covered, what was then, a very popular Boxing Day afternoon out by the Rye public. Going to see the Hunt Meet at a local pub was all part of the Christmas festivities for many.

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Fun Fair at Rye 1963

All the Fun of the Fair at Rye

The Fun Fair still comes to Rye on the Fair Salts, as it has for two hundred years or more – We can’t go back in our archives that far but take a look at this piece of film from 1963 (or thereabouts) and see if you can pick out anyone you know – If you are old enough you may even get a bigger surprise and catch a glimpse of your good self enjoying the Fun of the Fair.

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Bombed by Both Sides

by Graham Watson.¬†From the November 2010 issue of Rye’s Own

I was born in Rye East Sussex, in May 1936, and lived at Godfrey’s Row which was a terrace of five houses situated opposite the Pipemaker’s Arms Public House, in Winchelsea Road. In 1940 the first kits of the Anderson shelter, the outdoor type, which consisted of a large hole dug by the householder, with curved sections of corrugated iron bolted together and placed in the hole to form the walls and roof . The earth which had been dug out to from the hole was then thrown back over the shelter to give it added protection. Continue reading Bombed by Both Sides