Operation Stack

  Large Areas of Kent Paralysed

Lorries are being parked on large sections of the M20 in a queue that, at times, has stretched from  Folkestone to Maidstone. It is taking as long as 18 hours to get to the Channel Tunnel terminus or the Ferry Port of Dover. Lorry drivers are furious at the slow response of authorities as the traffic jams hold the area in gridlock. The A20, which is taking all non continental lorries and smaller vehicles, is almost at a standstill on occasions and many other road uses have been trapped at home for most of July.  Continue reading Operation Stack

Rex Bids Goodbye to War & Peace

For Rex Cadman the War is Over – But the Show will Go On

By Jim Hollands

There was hardly a dry eye in the house when Rex Cadman bade farewell to his beloved War & Peace at Folkestone Racecourse on the final day of this year’s event. Continue reading Rex Bids Goodbye to War & Peace