Aground at Camber

Cragoswald aground on Camber Sands March 1902

On a rough March night in 1902 the Steamship “Cragoswald” was driven ashore by a storm force gale at Camber close to the Jury’s Gap Coastguard Station. Several initial attempts at re-floating her were unsuccessful. A great amount of cargo was unloaded and transported off the beach on pony carts. Continue reading Aground at Camber

Artist’s Double Take


From Postcards and information supplied by Frank Palmer

A.R. Quinton (1853 – 1934) the well known and highly competent Water-colour artist, whose love of the English countryside is reflected in his paintings, resulted in his works being used to illustrate books such as ‘The Historic Thames’ written by Hilaire Belloc in 1907. Continue reading Artist’s Double Take