Jimper’s Funeral Service

Bonfire Drummers Will Lead Cortège To St. Mary’s Church.

One of Rye’s best loved characters will be laid to rest today, Friday 8 July.

Jimper Sutton’s Funeral Cortège will be led by Bonfire Society drummers from the Landgate to St. Mary’s Church, Rye for the 11 am. Service.

Jimper By Marina Kim
Jimper By Marina Kim

Bonfire Societies from all over East Sussex will be represented, many in Continue reading Jimper’s Funeral Service

Thank You Reader, Advertisers and Newsagents for Your Support

Happy New Year to all Readers, Advertisers and Newsagents

As Rye’s Own moves into another year we thank all our advertisers, readers and newsagents for the support they have given us through 2015. Without them hard copy versions of the magazine would not be possible. Continue reading Thank You Reader, Advertisers and Newsagents for Your Support

The Longest Scarf In The World It Stretched For Half A Mile

Oliver Curd’s young life was cut short, following a long courageous fight against cancer, in November 2007. He was just nine years old.

On Saturday 19 April an amazing knitted scarf was rolled out on the pavements of the streets of Rye. It reached from the Landgate Tower to The Strand, a distance of 805 yards or 2,415 ft. A knitting expert worked out that there would be around 28 million stitches. The original hope was to reach along the length of the High Street but with the Northiam Willing Fingers Group working until their needles were almost melting with the heat and help in the form of six inch blanket squares arriving from all over Britain, the aim of the longest scarf in Rye was upgraded and now some are wondering could it be the longest scarf in the World?

The scarf will be dismantled and made up into blankets which will be given to a charity.

Oliver would have been proud of all the people, inspired by his brave struggle, who had contributed to the spectacular effort of knitting such a magnificent tribute to his memory. The knitters, led by Oliver’s grandmother Fay Curd, raised money that will be added to that of all the other funds raised in a variety of ways, including sponsored events like the recent Hastings Half Marathon when the Cur d family and friends ran accompanied by a Dalek (Oliver’s favourite programme was Doctor Who).

The Oliver Curd Trust is a charity which has been set up by Oliver’s parents, Richard and Sarah Curd, in Oliver’s memory to help other families affected by childhood cancer.

Oliver was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, Ewings Sarcoma, in April 2006. He completed treatment at The Royal Marsden Hospital in March 2007 but unfortunately relapsed in June 2007 and lost his long, brave fight with the disease in November of that year.

For almost half a mile the hand knitted scarf wended its way through Rye. From the Strand via the Mint, High Street and Tower street to the Landgate and beyond.Salle2

The Mayor of Rye, Councillor Paul Osborne and Town Crier Rex Swaine were present for the occasion. Paul’s term of office is running out, this was one of his last engagements.

“Rye’s Own” May 2008

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Rye Fawkes 2005

Bonfire Flag Will Fly Over the Landgate

On Saturday 12 November the Bonfire Boys flag will fly over the Landgate as it has done so many times in the past. It is hoisted before dawn so that Ryers can see it announcing the big day in the Bonfire Society year from first light. Continue reading Rye Fawkes 2005

Jimper’s Jottings

May gone already, we are now just three weeks short of the longest day. From the 21st. we know that the days get shorter and winter approaches. The good news is that it get warmer as we get past mid June. My father always said, get my birthday over and let the warmer weather in. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

All Our Yesterdays

Who were the driving forces in the town forty years ago? Who were in power at Rye Town Hall in 1965? What was it like to live in a democratic Rye that ran its own affairs and was responsible for its own planning? 1965 and ’66 were great years for Rye. Continue reading All Our Yesterdays

2004 – The Year the Bonfire Parade was stopped in it’s Tracks

2004 and a Ship Sinks the Parade

By Jimper


The year was 2004 and the summer was refusing to die. The autumn rains and winter gales had not materialised yet and the ground was still firm. All things looked good for the Rye Bonfire’s annual celebrations. On the Friday the local police force informed the Society that they had a slight problem as they were rather short of traffic cones to mark the route of the procession. Word went out to all members to collect up any odd lost or ‘easy to acquire’ road signs that they Continue reading 2004 – The Year the Bonfire Parade was stopped in it’s Tracks

The 1961 Rye Marina Plan

A Town Wall Too!

It seems there have been Marina plans for Rye since time immemorial. This plan for Rye by architect Kenneth Browne was originally printed in “The Architectural Review” dated October 1961. No doubt this idea, which also envisaged rebuilding Continue reading The 1961 Rye Marina Plan

Artist’s Double Take


From Postcards and information supplied by Frank Palmer

A.R. Quinton (1853 – 1934) the well known and highly competent Water-colour artist, whose love of the English countryside is reflected in his paintings, resulted in his works being used to illustrate books such as ‘The Historic Thames’ written by Hilaire Belloc in 1907. Continue reading Artist’s Double Take