The 1961 Rye Marina Plan

A Town Wall Too!

It seems there have been Marina plans for Rye since time immemorial. This plan for Rye by architect Kenneth Browne was originally printed in “The Architectural Review” dated October 1961. No doubt this idea, which also envisaged rebuilding Continue reading The 1961 Rye Marina Plan

Dunkirk at Rye

One of the Best War Films Ever Made

One of the best and most realistic war films ever made was created in and around Rye. ‘Dunkirk’, made in 1957, recorded the epic evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from the open beaches of Dunkirk in 1940. Rye was chosen for the film’s location because the beaches and area around the real Dunkirk had become too populated in the seventeen year period that had elapsed since that time. Continue reading Dunkirk at Rye

Rye at Work 1950s


Thomas Hinds & Sons (Rye) Ltd.

by  D.  G.  Southerden

In Rye and district the name of Hinds is synonymous with the word “Timber”. For more than a century this family business, now under the name of Thomas Hinds & Sons (Rye) Ltd., has been importing and selling softwood to the builders and other users of timber in this area. Continue reading Rye at Work 1950s