The 1961 Rye Marina Plan

A Town Wall Too!

It seems there have been Marina plans for Rye since time immemorial. This plan for Rye by architect Kenneth Browne was originally printed in “The Architectural Review” dated October 1961. No doubt this idea, which also envisaged rebuilding Continue reading The 1961 Rye Marina Plan

Marina Plan Has Fatal Flaw


Another Report from November 2003 Issue of “Rye’s Own”

A Marina Plan put forward by Millwood Designer Homes at the instigation of Rye Partnership has a fatal flaw.

The actual proposed Marina for 100 moorings and 100 homes on a site south of the River Brede opposite the stretch of river from Philips Boat Yard to the old Rother Iron Works Buildings, is quite feasible, but the idea of building a lock in the Rother Ironwork Areas to keep enough water in The Strand for boats to float at all times is a non starter and has already caused concern among knowledgable local folk, including Rye Fire Chief Andy Polly. Continue reading Marina Plan Has Fatal Flaw