Town Crier March 2001

50 Policemen Called to Domestic Incident at Rye Harbour

Fifty Policemen Attend Domestic Incident at Rye Harbour According to the Rye Observer 50 (fifty) policemen attended an incident at Tram Road, Rye Harbour on Tuesday 20 February in what was reported as a nine hour siege drama. The incident was resolved at 2 am on the Wednesday morning when the man, described as a thirty-nine year old family man, came out of the house and was arrested. A spokesman for the police said “He was not armed and it was not a hostage situation”. He was later released on bail. Continue reading Town Crier March 2001

Lion Street School Saved

Regular readers of “Rye’s Own” will know how this magazine has always fought for keeping community assets for the use of Ryer’s, often against great pressure and determination of elected and unelected bodies who have had ‘other plans’ for our precious land and buildings. Continue reading Lion Street School Saved

A Time for Common Sense

The time has come for our police and those that control them to stop playing games and get on with the job they are paid to do.

There has been an endless cry from the police for new resources and an even louder wail from politicians that the force is underfunded as though throwing money at a failing organisation can be any answer.

The resources are there for all to see, the problem is they are being used incorrectly and with little or no imagination. There are more policemen operating in Sussex today than there were in 1966. The problem is they have been Continue reading A Time for Common Sense

Jimper Gets Political

They are at it again. I’m talking about the leaflet from Rother announcing their plans for Rye. How two faced can they get? They claim they want Rye to prosper but offer no ideas or initiatives as how this can be achieved. Continue reading Jimper Gets Political