Roger Breeds

Roger Breeds

by Jim Hollands


It is with great sadness I report the news that Roger Breeds, former Mayor of Rye, has died.

Roger was a supporter of “Rye’s Own”. He regarded himself as a Ryer and so he was, for he is a direct line descendant of another Breeds who was Mayor of Rye in 1560 and 1569 also Member of Parliament for Rye from 1563 to 1572 in the days Continue reading Roger Breeds

The Last Rye MP-Notepad

This wonderful photograph from the Malcolm Turk Collection, is a potted history. There is so much information contained.

The first question is Where is It? That’s easy. Pearson’s Cycle Works later became The Central Garage in Cinque Ports he building that was demolished in 2002 “In readiness for a library to be built.” Continue reading The Last Rye MP-Notepad

Rye in the Sixties

Swinging 60's

By Jim Hollands

If you were one of those that lived in Rye during the 1950’s and 60’s you will remember many of the faces of those appearing in this feature. Continue reading Rye in the Sixties

Prewar Policemen


By J Leadbetter

A revealing stories of prewar policemen. J Leadbetter was a conductor ‘on the buses’ for many years and has some revealing stories of prewar policemen. Continue reading Prewar Policemen

Town Crier News and Gossip Pages

Baptist Church Vandalised

Rye Baptist Church lies no further that fifty paces from our Police Station, yet on a Sunday night at the end of June a great deal of mindless vandalism was done inside the Church. Six windows were broken and the contents of fire extinguishers were sprayed all over the place. Continue reading Town Crier News and Gossip Pages

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Rye Council’s Safety Advisory Committee chose action rather than words by opting for establishing a ‘Local Action Team’ instead of a ‘Rye Crime and Disorder Forum’ to help the police tackle the mounting number of incidents in the town. Continue reading Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Gates for the Gungardens

From “Rye’s Own June 2002

Over recent years vandals have ruined Rye’s famous Gungarden. Flowers have been torn out of the ground, the toilets have been virtually destroyed and even the guns, which weigh more than a ton, have been dragged from their positions in a crazy attempt to run them over the cliff. Continue reading Gates for the Gungardens

Town Crier October 2001

Connie’s Great Cover Picture

What a great cover picture Rye artist Connie Lindqvist has provided for the October cover. Continue reading Town Crier October 2001