The January issue has brought great response. It was, according to three readers “The best ever produced”. We must agree that the content was very interesting, lets hope this months publication can match up to it. As we beaver away it is difficult to see the magazine as an ‘overall’ thing until it is completed and we are able to look at it as a whole. What seems to hit the target is a good mix of old photographs and stories and plenty of up-to-date news, comments and opinions.

                      Leader of Local Opinion

“Rye’s Own” has become a leader of local views. We were the first to voice serious problems with the police, or should we say lack of police, at Rye Police Station. This situation has improved slightly, but there is still a long way to go before Rye is the trouble free place that it was in the sixties and seventies.

The Magazine has long pointed the finger at injustices in the District Council system of government and has pushed for far more power to be put back in the hands of our own Town Council. Now, at last, Rye Town Council is fighting it’s own corner and has led the charge to get recognised as a ‘special’ Council; opening the way for powers to be distributed back from Rother into the hands of people who know the town and should have the greatest say in its destiny.

                   The Prettiest Town in England

This summer Rye is set to look better than it has ever looked before as it builds up to the judging of “Britain in Bloom”. Only 60 out of 1800 entries to last years regional competitions have been selected for the prestigious national event.

What will it take to win? Impossible task ome outsiders say, but then, they are not Ryers. Ryers, and this includes those who are Ryers by choice as well as those by birth, are a funny lot when they are told something is impossible. They will tell you that the impossible we do immediately, miracles take a little longer! They will also quote an ‘Old Rhodes’ saying “Let’s be men, let’s be Ryers.”

So watch out all other competitors in “Britain in Bloom”, Rye has always been the prettiest town in England now we are set on being officially recognised as such.

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Rye’s Own February 2004

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