Edwin Hollis Pulford


The story of Edwin Hollis Pulford from Ship’s Cook and Shoemaker to Sergeant at Mace and Town Crier of Rye.

By J. C. Pulford.

One day, about 35 years ago, the then Town Crier of Rye, Percy Sherwood, an old acquaintance of my father’s, led my father and me to an upstairs room in the Town Hall to show us an old book that was kept there. In the book was the signature of one of Percy’s Victorian predecessors -Edwin Hollis Pulford. Continue reading Edwin Hollis Pulford

Stephanie’s First Book

Thomas Peacock Students Illustrate Stephanie’s Very First Book.

Rye author Stephanie Dunk has written her first children’s book which must be commended for it’s originality. The book, “Level Control” is the first in a series of five and tells the imaginative story of a journey which moves from level to level under the ground into a land of fairies, elves, gnomes, witches and wizards. Continue reading Stephanie’s First Book

Permanent Home Needed For Millennium Chronicle of Hastings 1066-2000

Ron Nicola’s amazing “Millennium Chronicle of Hastings”, which many readers will have seen exhibited at one of five venues since its completion in time for the 2000 celebrations, is looking for a permanent home. Continue reading Permanent Home Needed For Millennium Chronicle of Hastings 1066-2000

Swastika Over Rye

Swastika Over Rye

As remembered by Arthur Woodgate

War is Declared

When our then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, declared War on Germany on Sunday morning 3 September 1939, the air raid sirens started up immediately, Continue reading Swastika Over Rye

Rye Wurlitzer up and Running


“Rye’s Own” January 2008

This photograph sums up the Rye Wurlitzer  year perfectly. No longer is the beautifully restored organ positioned on the rear balcony of the hall where the chairs had to be turned the wrong way round to see it. Continue reading Rye Wurlitzer up and Running

The Long Journey:Part 3

End of 1941. early 1942

Michael Whiteman’s graphic account of his days as a German Prisioner of War.

I think it was about this time snow was on the ground one of our lads became ill. He was a lad from Hastings, in the 5th Sussex Regiment, twenty one years old, name Frank Smith. Continue reading The Long Journey:Part 3