Stephanie’s First Book

Thomas Peacock Students Illustrate Stephanie’s Very First Book.

Rye author Stephanie Dunk has written her first children’s book which must be commended for it’s originality. The book, “Level Control” is the first in a series of five and tells the imaginative story of a journey which moves from level to level under the ground into a land of fairies, elves, gnomes, witches and wizards.

Stephanies' Book Cover
Stephanies’ Book Cover

Two twelve year olds who have read “Level Control” say it is even more exciting than the Harry Potter books. It may be that this is the adventure that will fill the vacuum left with the ending of the Harry Potter series. To add to the interest, all graphics in Level Control have been drawn by pupils of the Thomas Peacock Community College, using their imagination after reading Stephanie Dunk’s manuscript. No doubt the combination of Miss Dunk’s writing talents and the ability of the students will make this book a huge success.

“Rye’s Own” January 2008

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