Permanent Home Needed For Millennium Chronicle of Hastings 1066-2000

Ron Nicola’s amazing “Millennium Chronicle of Hastings”, which many readers will have seen exhibited at one of five venues since its completion in time for the 2000 celebrations, is looking for a permanent home.

The 18′ x 3′ work in acrylic was painted on nine 3′ x 2′ panels. The borders consists of seventy-eight 6″ x 6″ squares depicting of events in chronological order from left to right. The main panels show scenes through the centuries, linking up with the border.

Ron Nicola has recently produced a booklet for promotional purposes telling the story of the Chronicle from its conception to completion. It describes each panel and explains each picture and its meaning and reason for inclusion.


Ron Nicola was born in 1937 in London, and was one of ten children. Although he received no formal training he excelled in Art whilst at school.

Leaving school at fifteen he needed to earn a living. Earning money as an Artist at that time never occurred to him. Any kind of Art project for that matter had to go on the back burner.

In 1986 circumstances led him to settle down in Hastings.

In the Autumn of 1997 the idea of commemorating the year 2000 with a Mural came to him in a dream. Inspired by the ‘Bayeux Tapestry’ and the ‘Hastings Embroidery’, Ron created the ‘Millennium Chronicle’.Lasa1

For two years he worked partly in secret, completing it literally with just days to spare. When asked why he did it he said “I haven’t done much in the past.

It is something to leave behind for future generations.”

Ron now wishes to see the work placed in a permanent home, be it in a public or private environment, and is willing to consider suitable offers from any interested party.

Initial enquiries should be made to Ron’s agent, Tom O’Brian on 01424 721282.

“Hastings Town” May 2008

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