They Throw Away Hot Money at Rye


Many prominent representatives from the Cinque Ports were in Rye on May Day Bank Holiday Monday for the inauguration of the new Mayor of Rye. Continue reading They Throw Away Hot Money at Rye

We Told You So



Seven Local residents who were opposed to the building of the new Primary School on the site adjacent to the Thomas Peacocke Community College. They objected on the grounds that the present traffic problems in The Grove and Love Lane were chaotic enough already and were saying “We told you so” when a lorry damaged the Grove Crossing Gates. The gates were closed for at least two hours, between two and four in the afternoon of 21 April with resultant mayhem caused to traffic coming down from Deadmans Lane. Continue reading We Told You So

Eight Apartments and Twenty- Nine Lock-Up Garages on Railway Land

Outline plans for 8 apartments, 29 garages and 58 car parking spaces, on the two strips of land either side of the railway line west of Ferry Road between Ferry Road and the Mill and Cyprus pace and the River Tillingham, came up for approval at the Town Council Planning meeting on Monday 28 April. Continue reading Eight Apartments and Twenty- Nine Lock-Up Garages on Railway Land

Rye Wurlitzer up and Running


“Rye’s Own” January 2008

This photograph sums up the Rye Wurlitzer  year perfectly. No longer is the beautifully restored organ positioned on the rear balcony of the hall where the chairs had to be turned the wrong way round to see it. Continue reading Rye Wurlitzer up and Running

£6,000,000 New Primary School

Here it is! The proposed £6,000,000 new Primary School to be built in the grounds of the Thomas Peacocke replacing both the Freda Gardham in New Road and the Tilling Green Primary in Mason Road. Continue reading £6,000,000 New Primary School

50 Year Anniversary


Rye Old Scholars Association held a very successful reunion on 24th June at Thomas Peacocke Community College for those who were at secondary schools in Rye in the 1960s and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Leasam House in 1956. (This was the boarding house for boys at Rye Grammar School, with agricultural connections, who came from a wider area of Sussex than the normal catchment). In the early 70s Leasam House ceased to be a farm school, but continued as a boarding house when the warden, Colin Green, did much to develop rural studies. After the closure of Saltcote Place for girl boarders around 1990, Leasam became mixed until its closure in 1992.) Continue reading 50 Year Anniversary

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor

First I must say you do a great job informing all of us about what’s going on in the community. Its good to know someone at least is trying to break the mould We shouldn’t be fitting extra window locks, we should be catching these mindless idiots, publicly portraying who they are via local and national media and voiding them all public rights that are available. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Two day Sussex Art Festival Event at the Thomas Peacocke

The first Sussex Festival of Art takes place at the Thomas Peacocke Community College on Friday and Saturday the 16 & 17 July.

The work of over thirty artists including Rye’s Own Louis Turpin will be represented. Continue reading Two day Sussex Art Festival Event at the Thomas Peacocke

Dig for Victory

Badger Gate residents picked up their shovels and helped plant the
first of a row of trees outside the well known Rye Landmark. Then
they served up a lovely hot cup of tea to the members of the Rye in
Bloom Committee as a thank you for the fine trees that will grace
the sheltered housing that has provided so many retired Ryers with
a secure but independant home. Continue reading Dig for Victory

Residual Railway Land at Rye

Residual Railway Land at Rye

At the recent meeting of the Marshlink Partnership it was revealed that a sections of Railway land on both sides of the line between the Tillingham and the Ferry Road Crossing are being considered for railway or integrated transport uses. Continue reading Residual Railway Land at Rye