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Dear Editor

First I must say you do a great job informing all of us about what’s going on in the community. Its good to know someone at least is trying to break the mould We shouldn’t be fitting extra window locks, we should be catching these mindless idiots, publicly portraying who they are via local and national media and voiding them all public rights that are available. If your caught within private property without permission from the owners, your nicked, keep it simple, black & white. Ordinary citizens, DO NOT venture into private property after hours snooping around. Criminal who use the excuse when caught in the act that “they heard something so they thought they’d investigate” is the biggest cop out of all. WHY do we put up with this pathetic society we live in today. IF YOU COMMIT THE CRIME YOU TAKE THE PUNISHMENT. make the criminal a public figure, so we all know what he or she has been up to then we all know who to look out for!!!!

We spend years training police to do their job, we put them on the streets to do it. The first arrest they make we question them as to do they really know what they’re doing. Of course they do that’s why we spend years and thousands of pounds teaching them!!!!!!! Support them don’t persecute them. Get rid of the paper work and let them get to know their patch and who to look out for and they will stop much crime before it even starts.

Sometimes we, the public, have to say something, a burglary is a massive invasion of privacy and to send round a counsellor from victim support is an insult to the victim. We don’t want a stranger to say “don’t worry everything will be alright” we have family & friends for that. Agreed one or two of us don’t then someone to comfort is great but don’t blanket the whole burgled community with the offer. Having been burgled earlier this year I’ve got to say I was greatly offended to be handed a “Crime Pack” a whole folder of what to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again and what to when it does. Is This folder is handed out to the victim with great pride with the comment that should you have any more details then all the relevant contacts are enclosed. It felt like I was receiving an award. All I wanted was to be told they were on the case, not that its already happened a dozen time on my shift and don’t worry they only wanted a few quid for drugs, they probably won’t be back. GREAT! fills you full of confidence doesn’t it. Police having to spend 45mins filling out a report rather than getting out and policing.

You may or may not publish this however I must say I do feel better now I’ve vented one or two of my thoughts and I’m sure others have similar feelings, be interesting to know. I know its not going to change overnight but at least lets start to move forward with it.

Keep up the good work

John Bryant                                      Rye

                                  Busy September

With so many events happening during September it was impossible to fit them all into the Diary Page. Here are some more for your diary :-

Rye Film Club present “Sylvia” on Friday 3 September at the Rye Community Centre at 7pm. The club will also be screening three films in conjunction with the Rye Festival.

Two one hour John Schlesinger films made for BBC Television will be shown on Sept. 7. and The 1960’s smash hit “Far From the Madding Crowd” again at The Community Centre on Sept. 19.

Friday 4 Sept. Rye Wheelers compete in the final Tenterden Evening “10” of the season.

Rye Wheelers are at it again the following morning, Saturday 5 Sept. in the Thornton Road Club “10” Mile Time Trial (Newchurch)

Rye Firefighters are holding an Open Day on Sunday 5 September from 1pm. – 4pm.

On the same day, Sept 5, Rye Wheelers club “25” Mile Time Trial Championship is being held in conjunction with the V.T.T.A. event on Romney Marsh early in the morning.

Saturday 11 September. The Sussex Churches Trust hold their annual Bike / Walk Event. Ride or walk to make money for the Trust and the Church of your choice. Sponsor Forms available from Margery Nettle (St. Mary’s Rye) Tel: 01797 223445.

Friends of Rye Wurlitzer introduce Stars of the Future on Sunday 26 September. Catherine Drummond, Adam Evans and Angie Duggens perform at the Thomas Peacocke Community College at 2.30pm.

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“Rye’s Own” September 2004

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