Dig for Victory

Badger Gate residents picked up their shovels and helped plant the
first of a row of trees outside the well known Rye Landmark. Then
they served up a lovely hot cup of tea to the members of the Rye in
Bloom Committee as a thank you for the fine trees that will grace
the sheltered housing that has provided so many retired Ryers with
a secure but independant home.

Five trees, including Cherry, Sorbus and Rowan, were planted by the
enthusiastic group as part of Rye’s Britain in Bloom campaign. Renee
Jasper and Stuart Prince of Rother Homes liaised with the residents
to see what they would like planted and Julie Bodle, Scheme Manager
for Badger Gate and Magdela House, said it was lovely to see so much
interest from the residents. Rother Homes have pledged their support
to the campaign and intend to enter all their own gardening competition
entries into Rye in Bloom.

Sandra Pawsey, Kevin Hall, and Sue Manktelow from Rye in Bloom. Ian
Sandra Pawsey, Kevin Hall, and Sue Manktelow from Rye in Bloom. Ian
Stuart Prince, Rother Homes, Olive Wickersham, Julie Bodle, Phylis
Stuart Prince, Rother Homes, Olive Wickersham, Julie Bodle, Phylis

There has been a wonderful amount of support so far this year for
Rye’s Britain in Bloom challenge. Contributions from Neames, David
Sharp Ceramics, Bournes Removals, Phipps & Co., Herringtons, The Golden
Fleece, Adams, The Observer, Frieght Express, The Rye Partnership,
The Town Council, Arena Sports, HSBC, Boots, Hilden Gym and Southern

There are many more plans underway for the coming months including
A Plant Fair 16 May, Water Festival 22 May, Wildlife Gardening at
Thomas Peacocke Community College, school art competitions, fund raising
events, planting schemes and clean up operations.

Friends and Family Community Garden

Most people’s gardens contain plants given to them by friends and
family. Using this idea the Rye in Bloom Committee are planning a
community garden at the Baptist Gardens in Watchbell Street, planted
with contributions from the people of Rye.

Do you have a plant you could spare? Wanted are healthy shrubs, perennials
or herbaceous plants that mean something special to the doner. If
you have a plant that would suit the garden please call Lorna Hall
on 01797 229808.

“Rye’s Own” September 2013

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