To The Trenches Via Rye and Folkeston

        A Rough Diary of my Soldier Life

By George Linney

George Linney was one of the thousands of soldiers who were sent to France in ever increasing numbers during the Great War of 1914-18. Like many others he was billeted in a South East town while he awaited the dreaded orders to proceed to Folkestone or Dover on the way to the trenches. His story, unlike many others, did have a happy ending, he returned home with his life and had a long and eventful career on the Railways. Continue reading To The Trenches Via Rye and Folkeston

The Hastings-Rye-Ashford Rail Line

An interesting photograph loaned by a gentleman visitor to Rye. Who are these men? Could they be the Station Master and Engine Driver? Continue reading The Hastings-Rye-Ashford Rail Line

Lions Blow Their Horns

Lions Blow Their Horns Rye and District Lions were delighted to once again fill Beckley Village Hall with some 110 members of the public for their Burns Night Brass Band Concert for the seventh year running. Continue reading Lions Blow Their Horns

Brenzett Aero Museum

Two aircraft stand motionless in the corner of a field near Brenzett round-a-bout. All who pass that way cannot have failed to have seen them. What message have these two relics of a past era got for the young people of today’s modern World? Continue reading Brenzett Aero Museum

Giant Vase

A giant Chinese vase is one of the more unusual items in the July Antique Sale to be held on Friday 4th at Rye Auction Galleries, Rock Channel. Auctioneer Kevin Wall says “the value of this monster, should be in the £1000 range but had it had its original brother with it, it may well have fetched more than treble that amount”. Continue reading Giant Vase

Notable Sussex Women

A unique, town-by-town guide to 580 women who were born, died or were resident in Sussex, and who made their mark in the realms of literature, exploration, politics, fine art, science, archaeology, philanthropy, mountaineering, sculpture, translation, broadcasting, botany, journalism, horse-breeding, education, sport, engineering, military service, theatre and medicine over the past 200 years. Continue reading Notable Sussex Women

Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon

The Hastings Connections

By Helena Wojtezak

Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (1827-91) was one of the founders of the women’s rights movement in Britain. She was born in Whatlington, near Battle, Sussex, died at nearby Robertsbridge, and was connected to the Hastings area throughout her life. Continue reading Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon

100 Years of Hastings Postcards

There is every chance that the postcard you send home from your holiday in Abergavenny or York started life right here in Sussex. Because since 1902 Hastings has been the home of Judges, one of Britain’s leading publishers of quality picture postcards. Continue reading 100 Years of Hastings Postcards