The Royal Standard

By John Hodges

The first licence to sell beer was granted to the Royal Standard at sometime around 1822, at a time that predated the introduction of the new Beer House Act. This piece of sweeping legislation permitted any householder assessed to the poor rate, to obtain from the excise on a payment of two guineas, a licence to sell beer by retail from their dwelling house. Continue reading The Royal Standard

TV Man Will Be At Strand Quay Cafe

Local television personality Clive Attrell, the antiques expert, will be at The Strand Quay Cafe on Tuesday 8th. January to advise on and buy antiques of all descriptions. He is also interested in gold and silver items. Continue reading TV Man Will Be At Strand Quay Cafe

Historical Background


By John Hodges

There is no actual date that can be accurately attributed to the first appearance of alcoholic beverage. It most likely occurred as a result of the natural fermentation of fruit, the ingestion of which by early man was noted for its soporific effects. The first mention of what we would describe as ale occurred several thousand years ago and is referred to in the ancient Egyptian work entitled “The Book of the Dead”. This work refers to the preparation of an intoxicating beverage prepared from grain, whilst the celebrated  Dr. Birch Egyptologist claims through Continue reading Historical Background

Jack in the Green

By Gemma Pocock Photographs Iain Pocock

What a lovely day it was on the 3 May. I went, with my husband, daughter and step children, to Hastings for the day. On arrival it was really busy, I just thought it was because of the gorgeous weather but later discovered it was all down to “Jack in the Green”. Continue reading Jack in the Green

100 Years of Hastings Postcards

There is every chance that the postcard you send home from your holiday in Abergavenny or York started life right here in Sussex. Because since 1902 Hastings has been the home of Judges, one of Britain’s leading publishers of quality picture postcards. Continue reading 100 Years of Hastings Postcards