Hastings Town Editorial – March 2013

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The public fights back

Horse Laugh

Multi-National Supermarket chains are at last being seen for what they are – money making machines that are only interested in profit and taking more and more money off their now ‘captive’ clientèle, the general public.

This magazine and it’s sister publications have run article after article for many years supporting the small and medium sized traders, pointing out the dangers of the ever expanding multi-national chains and their dubious sales techniques, misleading packaging and pricing tricks. Continue reading Hastings Town Editorial – March 2013

The Simple Things In Life Are Best

By Tony May

Having been left some money by my Nan and with plenty of operational and space problems to deal with on my existing machine, I took the plunge recently and invested in a new laptop. Now, I am as technophobic as they come and so, on the advice of friends, have always stuck to Mac computers. I last bought a Mac in 2009 and have used it virtually every day since and sometimes for 4 or 5 hours a day. Continue reading The Simple Things In Life Are Best

Historical Background


By John Hodges

There is no actual date that can be accurately attributed to the first appearance of alcoholic beverage. It most likely occurred as a result of the natural fermentation of fruit, the ingestion of which by early man was noted for its soporific effects. The first mention of what we would describe as ale occurred several thousand years ago and is referred to in the ancient Egyptian work entitled “The Book of the Dead”. This work refers to the preparation of an intoxicating beverage prepared from grain, whilst the celebrated  Dr. Birch Egyptologist claims through Continue reading Historical Background

Town Crier

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Knife Edge Election

The local elections resulted in a knife edge situation with full control of Hastings Borough Council being denied to the Conservatives by the literal tossing of a coin. Continue reading Town Crier

Town Crier

News & Gossip Pages

By The Editor

Regeneration Regeneration – What a lovely word, its on every politicians lips but what does it mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary reconstruction on a higher level is the answer. Continue reading Town Crier


Hastings Will Never Be Poor

In these times of “Impending doom”, as we are led to believe by our politicians, it is nice to report that “Hastings Town”, the magazine and the town itself, are coming along nicely and bucking the trend. Continue reading Editorial