They Throw Away Hot Money at Rye


Many prominent representatives from the Cinque Ports were in Rye on May Day Bank Holiday Monday for the inauguration of the new Mayor of Rye. Continue reading They Throw Away Hot Money at Rye

Local Victorian Post in Rye

Glimpses into Local Postal Services in Victorian Times.The tale of Charles Thomas.By Barry Floyd.Introduction.

In the mid-nineteenth century Rye’s post office was located on the High Street. Continue reading Local Victorian Post in Rye

Rother Has Failed Us

Rother has Failed Us

If proof were ever needed that Rother District Council has failed this town then I ask readers to read the words in the following columns that have been reprinted as they were written in November 2001. (This was from a 2005 issue of Rye’s Own)

Four years on and every single one of them could have been written yesterday. Some of the issues are slightly different but the results are always the same. Rye loses out every time. Broken promises, failed deadlines, wasted money and even downright lies have been the order of the day. Continue reading Rother Has Failed Us

Town Crier October 2004

Festival Triumph

What a wonderful Rye Festival. Congratulations to all those involved with this year’s great event. More visitors in the town especially to enjoy what has become one of the best events of its kind in Europe. Sell out events were the order of the day.

There was something for everybody and the children were prominent in the success of many events, especially the Rye Dance Centre show at the Thomas Peacocke where a packed hall was enthralled by the standard of dancing and singing. Continue reading Town Crier October 2004

Teen & Twenty Oct. 1973

Lisa Gilmour -Ellis

This month’s personality is 17 year old Lisa Gilmour-Ellis. Lisa has been a pupil at Thomas Peacocke School for the last six years and, living at Saltcote Place, has become more at home in Rye than in her own home town of Brighton. Continue reading Teen & Twenty Oct. 1973