Teen & Twenty Oct. 1973

Lisa Gilmour -Ellis

This month’s personality is 17 year old Lisa Gilmour-Ellis. Lisa has been a pupil at Thomas Peacocke School for the last six years and, living at Saltcote Place, has become more at home in Rye than in her own home town of Brighton.

An active, outdoor sort of girl, Lisa loves horse riding and swimming but her most unusual athletic achievement to date was in “Putting the Shot” in the recent school sports. She says she just about dislocated her arm!

She was very excited to go with the school party to Scandinavia and Russia this summer and was particularly thrilled by the strangeness of Leningrad. Indeed, she says that if she can get away again she would like to go on her own and spend more time in Russia which she describes as another world”. Like all tourists they were guided – virtually chaperoned – by official guides but the Russians had appointed children of their own ages to show them round and she found it quite easy to get on with them on most subjects.

Lisa wants to make her career in infant teaching. She feels a real sympathy for and desire to work with small children up to about the age of eight. “And they can’t answer you back at that age” says Lisa.

In pop music her current heroes are James Taylor and Carol King. She holds quite strong views on current affairs and we found ourselves discussing Clockwork Orange which was recently shown in Rye. Although she did not see it herself she was quite opposed to the cuts which the Censor had imposed as she feels the only proper censorship is in the minds of the audience themselves. She doesn’t feel that scenes of violence in films or on T.V. are likely to make any normal person act up rough and if they have some hidden kink they would probably have done it anyway. A self-reliant go-ahead young extrovert, we predict that Lisa will soon make her mark in the world.

“Rye’s Own” October 1973

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