Local Victorian Post in Rye

Glimpses into Local Postal Services in Victorian Times.The tale of Charles Thomas.By Barry Floyd.Introduction.

In the mid-nineteenth century Rye’s post office was located on the High Street. Continue reading Local Victorian Post in Rye

Rye’s Cycling Mayor


Paul Osborne will go down in history as ‘Rye’s Cycling Mayor’ but he was much more than that. His casual style endeared him to the public and his practical approach to problems, through very difficult times, was emphasised by the way he got to grips with the Monkbretton Bridge works. Continue reading Rye’s Cycling Mayor

New Connie Picture Discovered in Archives

Reveals Two New Bridges, ‘Through Road’ and Marina

This remarkable Connie Linqvist water colour depicts a variation on the Rye Marina Plan that was put forward recently. It shows two new road bridges that keeps the A 273 main coast road running through South Undercliff. Continue reading New Connie Picture Discovered in Archives


As we put the first magazine of 2004 to bed the great news has just come in that Rye & Iden United have beaten St. Leonards four – one to complete a fine Christmas double. They beat Pagham by the same score on the December 20 and now stand fifth in the County League Division One table. Well done boys. Continue reading Editorial

A Matter Of Common Sense

The recent disclosure of a substantial building development and Marina plan might be more convincing if Rye had already been provided with a Bypass to alleviate the already desperate situation that prevails in South Undercliff where heavy traffic vibrations are undermining the very foundations of the citadel, and a proper flood prevention plan that caters for water coming down the rivers as well as the danger of tidal water from the sea. Continue reading A Matter Of Common Sense

Rye in P.C. Fowler’s Time

by Susan Fowler

If it were not for Joan Slack (nee Tillman) sending me copies of Rye’s Own and the encouragement of my husband, I would not be putting pen to paper, (my claim to fame!!) Continue reading Rye in P.C. Fowler’s Time